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THE DANCE OF OTHERNESS: CROSSING THE DIVIDE ON THE MAP JOURNEY Deborah Heifetz is a social anthropologist, dancer, and mediator who brings over 30 years experience as a peace activist, social scientist and somatic educator working at the nexus of inner and outer peace. Co-founder/Director of BraveHearts International, Heifetz is a professional facilitator and coach who developed the Human Needs Map, a circular matrix that captures the systemic complexity and interconnectivity between human needs, beliefs, emotions, and embodied memory. The model coalesced over 20 years in an emergent process of action learning, research and engagement in conflict challenges ranging from international peacebuilding to personal relationships. Deborah also developed the concept of “non-mediated peacekeeping’ from her ethnographic study of gender and Israeli-Palestinian security cooperation during her research of the Oslo Accords. She has acted in Track II Israeli-Palestinian negotiations and co-founded a peace-building and community development NGO with projects in Pakistan. In 2012 she began to work directly with the sustainability movement as a vehicle for peacebuilding through the international grassroots movement known as the Transition Network, where she served as a mediator and co-founded the Israeli Hub. Dr. Heifetz integrated her diverse background and training in Somatic Experiencing (SE) and Laban Movement Analysis to educate graduate students of International Conflict Resolution and Mediation in Culture, Conflict and Community Development. Working in collaboration with Kibbutz Neot Semadar (Israel), she bridged academia and community development through deep personal learning. She practices a reflexive pedagogy, which incorporates over 17 years of daily Qigong and Tai Chi practice, and 12 years teaching experience on faculty at Haifa University’s dance/movement therapy program where she taught LMA and “communicating under conflict” weaving cognitive, experiential and action learning with core principles of mindfulness practice, witnessing and social theory either directly or indirectly inspired from Laban’s work. In 2013, she synthesized her knowledge and experience in the field with her dance background to co-create the Embodied Leadership Training - a series of workshops taught in Europe, China, and the U.S. with an emphasis on the body as a personal resource of knowledge, resilience, “Presence” and compassion. Participants developed core competencies in communication and conflict resilience for more effective leadership to meet today’s adaptive challenges. As a member of the Laban community, Heifetz has produced numerous on-site dance performances for the Global Water Dance (GWD) beginning in 2011, when with the sponsorship from Friends of the Earth, Middle East, Jordanian, Palestinian and Israeli children danced together on the Jordan river in affirmation of peaceful co-existence. Heifetz is a Chevening Scholar (University of Manchester and Cambridge University) and recently published her systems-based model on human needs as a Map to Compassion.




DYNAMIC EMBODIMENT'S CONTINUUM OF STRESS TO TRAUMA: CALMING THE COLLECTIVE Dr. Martha Eddy is author of Mindful Movement the evolution of somatic arts & conscious action, international speaker, advocate for somatic movement. She has led programming and research integrating biobehavioral sciences, somatic therapies, and social emotional learning for 48 years. She is featured for her work with violence prevention, health science, creativity, neuroscience, and embodied cognition. Eddy created BodyMind Dancing (1982) & Moving For Life (1999), two dance approaches based in her unique forty-four year blend of LBMS and Body-Mind Centering® taught worldwide. She has been invited to speak on embodied approaches to peace in intercultural conflict and was sought out by the Arts Education Policy Review to describe applications of Social Emotional Learning research within art practices. This work overlaps with her own research on Conflict Resolution and the Role of Physical Activity in Educational Violence Prevention for Youth. The book, Dynamic Embodiment of the Sun Salutation – Balancing the Chakras and NeuroEndocrine System, co-authored with Shakti Smith, provides strategies for balancing the nervous system as well as hormones using movement and vibration, including a social soimatic perspective, relative to communities. She values creative expression and its relationship to emotional life and communication, and loves to perform. She and her graduates provide direct services, professional development, and curricular design through the Center for Kinesthetic Education (, a part of her Center for Embodied Learning (The-CEL) in NYC.She co-founded Moving On Center (MOC) in the Bay Area, with Carol Swainn with the goal to bridge somatics and social change. MOC continues to work with it graduates experts in embodied leadership, investigating new psychophysical models for healthy conflict transformation.




LIVING TRANSCULTURALLY WITH LABAN: STAGING OPERA AND DRAMA USING PRINCIPLES OF SPATIAL DYNAMICS Darren works internationally as a director, movement coach, choreographer, teacher and performer. He is a specialist in historical dance and period movement, Artistic Director of Nonsuch History & Dance and former chairman of Early Dance Circle. He holds MA with Distinction from TRINITY LABAN LONDON. He is drama representative trustee of Laban Guild International and member of UNESCO International Dance Council. His book “Dramatic Dance” (2014) explains how a Laban approach to movement can connect with historical research, expressive exploration and performance training, as taught at RADA (Royal Academy of Dramatic Art, London). Born in the UK, Darren is currently based in Thailand working with Bangkok Youth Opera and Siam Society, and teaching the Trinity College London syllabus in acting, speech & drama, musical theatre, communication skills and performance arts.



THE COSMIC BODY: MOVEMENT ANALYTIC-FASCIAL-COSMOLOGICAL. A SENSING&SHAPING OF THE PERFORMATIVE BODY BASED ON INDIAN CORPOREAL TRADITIONS Rajyashree, an Indian-born movement art practitioner based in Berlin, Germany, is a Certified Laban Movement Analyst (CLMA/IMS) and Cultural Scientist. With six decades of collective experiences, she's part of a generation of Indian dancers who pioneered traditional dance forms' acceptance. Deeply rooted in her cultural background, she redefined its vocabulary with insight and sensitivity, and yet critical stand. Her cross-cultural work, informed by a rich tapestry of experiences, blends Eastern and Western movement studies, including Bharatanatyam, Kuchipudi, South Indian classical music, Yoga and Middendorf Breathing Therapy. She holds a Bachelor's in Science from Bangalore University and a Masters and Doctorate degrees in Socio-Cultural Studies from Europa-University Viadrina, Germany, with a research focused on “Sensing and Shaping: The emotive-kinetic grounding of meaning. A cross-disciplinary analysis of Indian Dance Theatre”. In parallel, she developed innovative approaches such as "FasciaNatya", “The Cosmic Body” and "CoreConcepts," offering a trans-cultural movement studies program titled "From Bharatha-to-Bartenieff."



DEVELOPMENT OF LBMS IN CHINA: OPPORTUNITY AND CHALLENGE Dr. Zhou holds a doctoral degree in biomedicine and has been working and living in China and Europe for many years. He is the Co-Founder and CEO of Inspirees Education Group (Netherlands/China). Though trained as a scientist, he has been greatly intrigued by modern dance and dance therapy since 2002 and has played an important role in driving the development of dance therapy and creative arts therapies in China. Dr. Zhou serves on an international advisory board for the journal Body, Movement and Dance in Psychotherapy. He also founded the Creative Arts Education and Therapy (CAET)- Eastern and Western Perspectives, an international open access journal. He is a Certified Movement Analyst (CMA) trained by LIMS in New York. Dr. Zhou is the team leader for the Chinese Group of Arts Therapy, Chinese Psychological Society, Guest Professor of Beijing Normal University, Chinese Central Academy of Fine Arts, Co-founder and core member of the World Alliance of Dance Movement Therapy (WADMT), and founding member and CEO of the International Association of Creative Arts in Education and Therapy.

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