Laban 2022 Ecopoetic performances

Arts shaping

Equality, Diversity and Inclusion

From the beginning of the 20th century to the contemporary scene of today, art has become more intentional in its addressing of social change. Nowadays, political artwork seems not to pertain to an exclusive category, nor presents a unified stylistic approach, but rather thrives in diversity and in conveying thematic messages and interacting with the audience in an inherently political manner.

ECOPOETIC @ LABAN 2022 invites artists across all Laban and Bartenieff lines of thought to reflect on how a dance or theatrical performance can relate to the event’s concept, and to explore and extend it through one’s own creative perspective. Specifically, we are interested in what role might a Laban-infused dance, poetry, music and performance art play in shaping the appreciation of cultural diversity and in creating equality and inclusion among human beings.

Since 2018, when we presented the first ECOPOETIC event in NYC, we adopted the term
“Ecopoetic”, as a conceptual umbrella for artistic practices that relate to an ecological thinking mode, which is multi-focused, interconnected, and oriented to nurturing escapes from standardized behaviors and the design of paths that may offer new life possibilities.

ECOPOETIC @ LABAN 2022 evokes the early 20th century collaborative works created by choreographer/movement theorist Rudolf Laban (1879 – 1958), who believed their structure promoted core needs of human society: “sharing, relating and creating together.” We believe that when performances in public spaces relate horizontally with the audience, they are more effective in nurturing those needs, transforming peoples’ perceptions of each other and their whereabouts and redefining social spaces through unusual forms of using them.

At ECOPOETIC @LABAN 2022 we reaffirm a multi-centered spatial structure, formed by small performing spots, aiming to create a network of Laban-infused art, connecting different spaces of the Casa França-Brasil Cultural Center. We are interested in people, performing close to and with people, dialoguing with the environment, adding new rhythms and movement dynamics to the beautiful atmosphere that already exists.


Artistic Director
Ms. Regina Miranda

CMA - Centro Laban Rio

Curatorial Committee

Ms. Bala Sarasvati CMA - Jane Wilson Professor/Georgia University

Dra. Denise Telles PHD Laban Centre London | Unirio
Dra. Lígia Tourinho CMA - UFRJ
Luciana Bicalho Educadora Labaniana | FAV | CAL
Ms. Luiza Marcier PUC-Rio
Marina Salomon 
CMA Hon. | Centro Laban Rio | CAL | Unirio

Dra. Elisabete Reis UFF, Unilasalle RJ